Job management software designed by tradies 

for tradies

Job management and project oversight with NextMinute

NextMinute is a highly effective job management software for builders, plumbers, electricians, painters, and all other trade services who manage lengthy projects. 

A surprisingly high number of tradies still use paper-based processes or spreadsheets to manage jobs, costs and staff time. As a result, business owners often find themselves bogged down in paper work in order to obtain adequate oversight of profitability, material usage and resource cost. NextMinute will digitise your business processes allowing you to manage projects from your phone, tablet or computer, anytime and anywhere.

 Coffee & Cloud is a proud NextMinute Partner supporting clients in New Zealand and Australia with implementation, training and system enhancements.


Manage Time

Easy to use, timesheet logging through mobile devices provides business owners and project managers with real-time information that drives oversight and informed decision-making around staff scheduling.

Manage Costs

Real-time data flows ensuring effective oversight of staff costs, suppliers orders and invoicing. NextMinute also allows integration with your Placemakers account, providing you visibility of material costs for quotes and orders.

Manage Jobs

With NextMinute, your job sheets with all of the information you like are accessible by the whole team from the one place, 24/7. Goodbye nagging staff, suppliers, subbies, customers and admin. All of your job details in one place, accessible at any time from any device.

NextMinute product features are brilliant and well suited, it’s user friendly, integrates seamlessly with Xero and also the customer service is excellent

Rob Mills - Local Electrical

Job management made easy

Make the most of every minute with real-time job allocation and tracking. Being able to plan, assign and monitor jobs from one easy-to-use app takes the pain out of your day, keeping your work and team on track and organised.

Flexible working

Organise jobs, the team and work for today, tomorrow and beyond. Track jobs from quote to invoice. Keep track of staff, jobs, schedules and costs from the office to site, ensuring everyone is up-to-date and in real-time.​


Faster invoicing

Without invoices there’s no money, you won’t need to spend hours in the evening or at the end of the month making sense of job sheets, purchases or timesheets. All job materials, time and charges are tracked in one place and can be synced with your accounting software with one click. Faster invoicing means you get paid faster.​

Know your customers

Manage your customer information anytime, anywhere and ensure you all-important customer intelligence stays in your business. Customers contact records include job history, notes, quotes, invoices, orders and tasks. So you don’t need to second guess what you said or did. Plus you have the info on hand for next time.

Easy to use forms

Confidently kick the old paper-based process to the kerb! With NextMinute we give you easy to use job and task forms that connect to your customer details, calendar, jobs schedule and are assigned to the team. Giving everyone visibility to the information they need to getht he job done.​

Log and access details on site

Store all your job details including sheets, images, files, user manuals, notes, customer signatures, the assigned team, status, job charges and messages as you go. NextMinute is a mobile and desktop app. So wherever you’re working, you can keep up-to-date records.


Quick quoting

Estimate and quote jobs quickly and accurately. With NextMinute quotes are easy to create, understand, and approve. Because quoting is the lifeblood of new business, having a tool that brings the power of a spreadsheet but with all your prices ready to add, access to suppler or material costs, and past quotes on-hand. Placemakers account? Easy as! NextMinute will integrate it.

Digital timesheets

With NextMinute you get real-time timesheets, making it your teams responsibility to complete. But what’s great is the timesheet app is so easy to use that they won’t complain one bit. What’s more, time is allocated to jobs or tasks so you know what hours need to billed and where.

Reports that help you

With a range of reports to help you keep tabs on your business including Job reports, Timesheet reports, Back-costing summary and Financial reports, these are geared to keep you in sync with what’s happening in your business. With the top line numbers in place, you’ll have your finger on the pulse.

Fully mobile and on the go

See your day at a glance , make the most of every minute and work from anywhere. NextMinute runs on all devices (iOS and Android apps) and all browsers so you can update images, quotes, notes & purchase orders for jobs from the app. It’s all so easy!


Improved communication

Easily communicate information between the office and site, using real-time job forms, SMS or email. Keep customers , sub-contractors and your team up-to-date and in the loop without the need for multiple phone calls.

Accounting integration

Push and reconcile invoices to your accounting system with one click. Sync customers and contacts between your accounting software and NextMinute. No need to re-key a thing, we work with Xero and MYOB so you’re totally sorted. It’s a beautiful thing!​

NextMinute Pricing

NextMinute offer simple and cost-effective pricing through monthly subscriptions.  As an Admin user you will have full oversight and control over your business and team access rights. A Mobile user will have access to NextMinute on mobile and desktop with permissions set by the Admin user.

Admin User
$ 49 Per Month
Mobile User
$ 15 Per Month

* All prices excluding GST

How we can help

Coffee & Cloud offers setup, training and support services to help trade and services business owners realise and achieve the full potential of NextMinute as a fully integrated job management solution. We think it’s a great addition to your toolkit, and so will you! 

NextMinute Implementation

Once we have an understanding of your business' dynamics and operational requirements, we will work with you to setup and configure NextMinute in a way that will provide maximum value and efficiency.

Training & Support

Coffee & Cloud are on hand to develop and deliver effective training sessions and ongoing support to NextMinute admin and mobile users within your business.